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bonnielangford's Journal

The Cult of Bonnie Langford
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All Members , Moderated
A community for the worship and adoration of Bonnie Langford

This is a community for the helpless and unbridled worship of the genius who is Bonnie Langford. All lovers of Bonnie (and those willing to be converted) are very welcome!
Why not head over to the Welcome Post and get settled in?

Posting Guidelines

1. Play nice! Be considerate and respectful of other posters. Constructive criticism is fine, but be polite about it.
2. Please no bashing of characters, or of real people. It's just mean.
3. Anything to do with Bonnie is all right to post here, from news and discussion to pictures, links and fanfiction about any characters she has played.
4. If you're posting big pictures or long stories, please use a cut tag!
5. Please also use a cut tag if you're discussing spoilers for any upcoming roles.
6. Have fun!